The Spilt Years

This site is about trains. I started photographing trains in 1967. My first pictures were made in the Netherlands, but soon I started travelling through Germany, Austria, France and other European countries. The main item of these travels were steam locomotives, but I made pictures of other trains, tramways, subways and busses as well. I have also made films (super-8 and video) and audio recordings.

This site contains about 15,000 pictures. There is a lot I cannot show here, so if you are interested in a particular subject, please send me a mail. When selecting photos for my site, I concentrate on the early seventies. If available, I use colour pictures. I have organized my pictures in two ways; by type of train (e.g. German 01.10 Pacifics) and by theme (e.g. a visit to the Rheine-Emden line). So many pictures are used twice on this site.

When photographing, I used several types of film. Sometimes I used twin cameras, for colour and black & white pictures. Recent pictures were made using a digital camera. You should preferably set your screen to 1024x768 resolution or better.

The photo captions are all in Dutch. I hope you will enjoy this site, even if you don't understand all of the text. I would be glad to answer your mail, if you have any questions. You can write me in English or German. You may also try Google Translate.

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